X Power Kiln Technology

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What Makes X-Power Kiln Different?

In addition to the features below, we boast of swift build and installation times, enabling companies to begin making money on their investment in a shorter amount of time.
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Externally Located Motors

Housing fan motors outside of the heating chamber increases the longevity of the motors and makes maintenance much easier. It most cases you won’t have to shut down your kiln to service the motors.

X-Power Kiln Assembly Huxford Pole and Timber Co.
Bi-Directional Air Flow

Bi-directional fans located across from one another provide the most even air flow across the entire pack of wood. 

Boldesign Inc Wet Air Venting
BolDesign Technology

The design of the X-Power Kiln compliments our wet-air venting™️ technology.  Our maximum airflow only vents at it’s wettest point and doesn’t waste energy. 

Drying utility poles and pylons, hardwoods, and softwoods.

For over 30 years, BolDesign has been designing drying kilns that strive to give our customers a clear competitive edge by drying wood faster and with minimal degrade.  We’re not satisfied with how drying has been the past 100 years. We’re making better products and delivering with integrity and quality customer care for your entire journey with us.

Other Info


Our kilns our built in 8-foot sections and can be built to suit to acommodate your desired amount of throughput of wood.

Types of Wood

The design of our Kilns powered by X-Power Technology allows for us to build kilns to dry any type of wood to give you a superior product.


We build our kilns modular style in our warehouse and deliever onsite and provide quality installation work in 3 weeks or less. We leave your site looking better than when we arrived.