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Get More Than Moisture Out of Your Wood. Our commercial drying kilns beat the competition with an increase in wood drying efficiency. Less checking, less waste, less energy, and faster dry times.

Experience X-Power Technology

X-Power Technology is changing the commercial wood kiln industry.

You Shouldn’t Have to Wait 2 Years to Get a New Kiln that Won’t Dry Fast Enough and Costs You More Money.

 Since 1986, BolDesign Inc. has been manufacturing commercial dry kilns that allow business owners like you to experience the satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that you invested in a kiln that dries more wood in less time with minimal degrade. Our customers include large, publicly traded, companies down to the “heart and soul of America” family-owned small businesses. Regardless of which one you are, our biggest priority is your 100% satisfaction with our kilns and our service.

“I went with BolDesign because I needed a kiln to dry logs in a specific period of time and didn’t want to wait two years to get it. They delivered on what they said they could do. I’m very happy with the kiln.”

Mike Beech

Owner, Huxford Pole and Timber

Don’t Accept Longer Drying Times and Expected Losses. Dry Better with BolDesign and Achieve the Results You’ve Been Looking for.

The manual on drying wood products hasn’t changed in 100 years.  Boldesign Inc is disrupting the industry because it serves our clients better when we can save them money on energy costs, shorten the drying time, and nearly eliminate stress, cupping, and wood warping.  Some say it’s not possible, but our happy customers are experiencing those benefits today and reaping the rewards.  Give us a call today and let us give you a quote on one of our custom lumber drying kilns.

Your Road Map to Reaching Your Dry-Kiln Goals

Contact a Sales Rep or submit an inquiry form to begin the conversation about your Kilning Needs.  We’ll take the appropriate time to understand your desired outcomes.

We’ll create a clear project estimate and schedule a time to discuss each element of the project so that you can confidently decide who to hire. 

Once you’re confident that our innovative kiln design, our passionate sales team, and installation crew matches your projected investment, we’ll agree to sign the proposed contract together.

Your salesman will be your guide throughout the entire process of fabricating, transporting, erecting, and commissioning your new kiln. We’re with you every step of the way. 

What Does Your Success Look Like When Your Partner with Us?

You'll Have a Cost-Efficient Kiln

If you’re using our wet-air venting™️ along with the dump-rest cycle, you’re using an extremely cost-efficient kiln. We project 20-30% in energy savings.

You'll Dry More Lumber In Less Time

Our kilns are built specifically to allow you to dry more lumber in less time increasing your profitability.

You'll Experience Minimal Degrade or Loss of Lumber

Our innovative kilns allow you the best of both worlds.  Not only are you drying more wood in less time, but you’re also not losing lumber due to degradation during the drying process. We don’t dry wood like everyone else does.

You'll Reduce the Amount of Wood Sitting On Site

Having too much wood sitting on-site ties up cash and pre-disposes lumber to stress even before entering the kiln drying process.  When you’re able to dry more wood you can reduce stock piles sitting on the yard and continually dry what you need to dry.

You'll Have a Long-Lasting and Easy to Maintain Kiln

This is especially true of our newest model of kilns using X-Power Technology.

You Can Dry Wood Like Everyone Else... Or You Can Get a BolDesign Kiln and Avoid Long Lead Times, Slower Drying Times, and Damaged Lumber from Too Much Stress.

Wet Air Venting saves on energy costs.

Bi-Fold Doors are the safest and smartest in the industry.

The types of high capacity Wood Drying Kilns we build.

Innovative X Power Technology

We’re changing the game using X-Power technology that gives business owners a long-lasting kiln that is easy to maintain and dries wood faster than their competitors.

Retro-Fit Our Wet Air Venting™ System to Your Existing Kiln

You can retrofit our complete system to your existing kiln and take advantage of faster drying times that require the use of less energy.  Using our system will also dramatically reduce the amount of degradation of your wood. Find out how our wood drying kiln solutions can help today. Our kilns include energy-saving results due to our advanced method of new vent technology to remove more water and vacuum steam without sacrificing heat.

Lumber Kiln Advanced Technology

Each one of our high-quality lumber kilns is equipped with advanced technology to increase the accuracy of the job while keeping you ahead of the competition. All units are outfitted with fully-automated control packages that are easily and conveniently accessed with a touch-screen on Windows-based programming. This gives you remote access and control so you can stay on top of the kiln drying process to ensure everything is running smoothly.