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Small Package Kiln

At Bol Design, Inc., we’re well aware that every woodworker has different wood-drying needs. That’s why our custom kiln-makers designed the versatile, flexible, and convenient small package kiln. Whether you’re running a specialty wood shop or you only work with wood on the side, this small package kiln is perfect for you. It packs all of the power and efficiency of larger dry kilns without the burden of size and weight. No more outsourcing your wood kiln drying needs. You can cut costs and increase turnaround time with your own small package kiln. Its generally considered any kiln holding less than 10,000 board feet is a small kiln. We build small kilns from 2,000 board feet to 10,000 board feet.

Small Kiln Features

  • Board Feet Capacity: 2,000 to 10,000 BF (Board Feet)
  • Expect a 6-9 Week Turn Around
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Built with Aluminum and Stainless Steel, The Same Aluminum that is food grade used in Commercial Kitchens
  • RH control results in less lumber damage, this leaves you with better, brighter colors
  • Hybrid Systems Available Using Direct Heat and Gas
  • These Kilns are Built for Forklifts
  • Built to Match the Efficiency of Our Full Sized Commercial Kilns
  • Path Track Styles Available for Small Kiln Capacity
  • Deeply Cut Operational Costs
  • 30% More Efficient than the Competition

Standardized Kiln Sizing

We are trying to go towards a standardized size for every commercial kiln we make. Our goal is to create prebuilt sizes for you to choose from on every kiln we have listed. If you are interested in these sizes or have a size in mind, please use our contact form to the right of this page to let us know. We look forward to speaking with you.

Mini Kilns

We are rolling out will 3 sizes. We will be able to show more pricing estimates with standard sizes offered for your convience. Check back later when we post the most effective sizing for you and our customers.

Package Kilns

Package Kilns will have 4 sizes.

Pallet Treaters

Pallet kilns will have 2 sizes.

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