High Temp Track Kiln by Boldesign

High Temp Track Kiln

high temp track kiln

The Bol Design Inc. high-temp track kiln is designed to help speed up the loading and unloading process. As a result, you can increase the amount of time lumber dries within the kiln, leading to higher-quality output. With an ability to reach higher temperatures than other wood kilns, this version can tackle more complex jobs with ease. Equipped with a state-of-the-art track, this high-temp track kiln can also handle larger quantities of lumber. With built-in sensors and remote operation capabilities, you’ll have greater control over the functioning of this kiln so your jobs come out exactly the way you plan. Here’s what you can expect from our high temp track kiln and their features:


All Aluminum/Stainless SteelAll structural and panel components including trusses and door columns will be aluminum. Steam coils consist of aluminum fins extruded out of a solid aluminum sleeve over a carbon steel core, stainless steel bolts, pins, and fasteners throughout.

Structural FrameConsisting of two all-aluminum trusses with one supporting the hinged, top load baffles and false ceiling.

WallsWall frames are constructed of welded, 2” x 4” x 0.125” (wall thickness), Aluminum Rectangular Tubing (high corrosion resistance alloy) and include 4” x 4” supports for the fan deck. Wall Sections are welded into panels full height of kiln wall with full length vertical members spaced approximately every 46” and a minimum of five (5) horizontal cross members, all solidly welded. Battens of mineral wool insulation, 4½ thick, are fitted into the frame openings and covered by 6 mil vinyl sheets. An inner skin of 0.040” smooth aluminum sheeting is stretched and fitted to the inside of each panel, while 0.032 corrugated aluminum sheets are installed on the outside of the panels in the field with stainless steel screws on close centers. The aluminum inner skins are completely isolated from the insulation by the 6 mil. polyethylene sheets held in place by stainless fasteners. Corrugated sheets are made from smooth aluminum to inhibit corrosion.

Roof panels –- panels are constructed of welded, 2” x 4” x 0.125” (wall thickness), Aluminum Rectangular Tubing (high corrosion resistance alloy). Battens of mineral wool insulation, 4½” thick, are fitted into the frame openings. An inner skin of 0.040” smooth aluminum sheeting is stretched and fitted to the inside of each panel, while 0.032 corrugated aluminum sheets are installed on the outside of the panels in the field with stainless steel screws on close centers. The aluminum inner skins are held in place by stainless fasteners. Corrugated sheets are made from aluminum sheeting with Alumax coating to inhibit corrosion. (kiln roof slope will be 1″ per 12″).

Mineral Wool Insulation (Boldesigns will use the same material as existing kilns) – 4½” thick wall/roof insulation has R = 20 (approximately, at 6 lb. density = 4.35R per inch). Mineral Wool insulation has been found in laboratory tests to resist the accumulation of moisture better than foam materials. The corrugated outer siding helps the panels to “breath”, eliminating condensation buildup that occurs inside the panels. Mineral Wool insulation does not break down or lose “insulation value” as solid-core insulation types do. Mineral Wool insulation is rated for use at higher temperatures than are the foam insulation types.

50,000 board foot kiln will have 6 – 48 FANS with 10HP motors rated @ 60,000 CFM each @¼” static pressure for a total airflow of approximately 264,000 CFM – Estimated airflow through lumber 650 CFM.

Motors – 6 – 10 HP, 1150 RPM, 460v, 3 phase, Nema frame 256T high efficiency.

Note: Motors should never exceed 70% of rated nameplate maximum (full load) amps to prevent excessive temperature rise during use inside a kiln.

50,000 board foot kiln will have (2) WET AIR VENT SYSTEMS – patented system capable of venting a total of __20,000___ cfm of wet air.

BURNER DESCRIPTION -(LPG or Natural Gas) gun type burner, 1,600 RPM motor squirrel cage blower, adjustable damper, control panel, dual shut off volume/regulator, 24 volt transformer, flame safeguard, air safety switch, 110V supply.

  1. BURNER; 2,200,000 BTU/Hour total heat release.

Heat/burner stack to introduce the heat into your chamber


Burner – to be mounted inside aluminum box and recessed into the rear of each kiln with burner hood extending from the top of box to the top of each kiln with fan dispersing the heat. The fan motor to be external at rear of the high temp track kiln.

Heat dispersion fan – external motor will evenly disperse heat to kiln chamber with internal aluminum ducts to disperse heat evenly with capability of moving 10,000 cfm of hot air using a 3hp motor.

Right duct

left duct

Stainless steel burner hood will extend to near the top of the back wall of kilns with a powered fan to disperse heat.

Heat dispersion fan with external motor to evenly disperse heat to kiln chamber with system capable of moving 10,000 cfm of hot air using a 3hp motor.


HIGH PRESSURE MIST SYSTEM – this system is used in lieu of steam for conditioning purposes using high pressure stainless steel nozzles to atomize water creating a fine fog within the dry kiln. 

Bi-Fold Loading Door

Used for years in aircraft hangar buildings, this type door is without question the most efficient, best sealing and easiest to use door available for dry kilns. Some of the benefits include:

  1. push-button opening
  2. automatically raises load baffles (will add additional length to reach outer edges of packs) automatic baffling will have safety stops 2 each side to prevent baffles from raising against the fan deck.
  3. being able to open several kilns in a row at the same time without having to over-lap the old-style carrier doors
  4. providing cover from rain and the elements while loading/unloading the kiln
  5. preventing implosion by automatically venting the area above the fan deck


Over a period of time, standard carrier tracks and rails become out of line, deflected, and/or bent, the carrier wheels begin to stick and the kiln becomes harder and harder to open. At the same time standard baffles become bent and damaged. The BOLDESIGNS Bi-Fold Door eliminates all these problems while generally saving valuable time and energy during the loading/unloading process.

Seals and Gaskets (tightest sealing design available for kilns)

We use a silicon double-bulb rubber-type gasket that completely seals the door. We use conveyor belt material on the bottom of the door which gives a good seal and is long-lasting. bi-Fold Door


This horizontal Bi-Fold design is constructed of heavy aluminum structural tubing, welded into a strong framework, and fitted with 2” thick, mineral wool insulation. After being covered with 6 mil. Vinyl sheeting, the door panels are covered with the same 0.040” aluminum as with the side-wall and roof panels, smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. The main door hinges are constructed of 1/2” thick by 2” wide aluminum bars, welded to the doorframe, and pinned through two other bars on the adjoining members with 3/4” diameter, stainless steel pins. There are at least four sets of these at both the top of the door and at the center hinge point. The door utilizes a rubber, tadpole-type bulb gasket at the pinch points at the top and center hinge, with a soft, double-bulb silicone rubber seal on each side. Once in place, the door is clamped shut by truck type, over center latches, providing the best dry kiln door seal available. A 2 hp brake motor, directly connected to a 60:1 reducer drive, which in turn is directly connected to a winch, raises the door. When activated, the door and overhead baffles are opened in less than 45 seconds, utilizing four (4) 1/4” diameter stainless steel aircraft cables (each is rated at 6,400 lb. cap.). For safety, the door is designed so that any one of these four cables can support the entire door.

Bi-Fold Loading Door Safety Features

Limit Switch – stops the door upon metal-to-metal contact and switches for downward movement.


  • Cables – one of the cables individually has the strength to lift the door. Mechanical stop link – if the limit switch is over ridden the stop will mechanically stop the upward movement of the door.

Wiring –

All starters in the control panels are wired to well labeled terminal blocks. BOLDESIGNS normally subcontracts field wiring to local contractors who make the connections between these terminal blocks to the motors, using threaded aluminum conduit, sloped for condensation run-off.

Motor Control Panels – Pre-wired electrical control cabinet includes all motor starters (IECType), reversing magnetics, fully wired to terminal block with indicator lights for fans forward/reverse, heat, spray, vent, and power. Ammeters are provided for the large circulating fan motors (10 HP). NOTE: Included with this job is an inverter that will be 50hp.

NOTE: High temp motor wire is to be used on the fan-deck while wiring at shop).

Future Designs Control System: This kiln control system is fully automated with built in control package using windows based true touch screen technology. We offer packages from on the wall operation, as seen in this picture, to fully automated network off site operation. The most basic system will do everything your desk top pc will do. It has its own web address allowing the operator access operations from anywhere in the world as long as one has internet access. The equipment fully automatic and will do the work of conventional dry kiln programs and including

the new dump cycle program, invented by Dennis Clay, the kiln engineer. The controller will utilize RTD input for Dry/Bulb and Wet/Bulb Kiln Control. Control parameters, alarm settings, and profile entry are entered by way of its front mounted touch screen. All configured data can be protected against unauthorized changes via a password security system and is protected against memory loss due to AC power failure by battery backup. Includes control sensors, sensor reservoir and related equipment The system has i-stich access to programming data for download to carry to other computers systems or networks.

Wet Bulb Box:

Required (1) wet bulb box (manufactured by DiVi Enterprises, Norwood, NY), mounted on the rear wall of the kiln, with water supplied and controlled by a VuFlo Valve (a water control valve that supplies water at line pressure to the wet bulb box, manufactured by DiVi Enterprises, Norwood, NY), mounted in the control room. This system allows continuous monitoring and manual adjustment of the water to the wet bulb box (as needed) from a remote location (control room) without entering the kiln.


For one kiln with shipping fob Hudson nc. To be turnkey with wiring and inverters. The wiring will be from Boldesigns panels to dry kilns entrance point. Included is bi-fold powered doors, ladder with platform, and powered wet air venting.

Optional 1/8″ side wall protection–(the sheets are welded from the back during fabrication in Boldesigns shop with only welding showing where whole building sections are welded together)—-



Optional Side wall Control room – Consists of a bat type insulated, “lean-to” type, aluminum building approximately 10’ wide x 31’ long with a 15’clear height. Includes two (2) 3070-operator access doors, one on each end of the building including exhaust fan with companion vent on hot side of building installed on your concrete pad and footings—-


DELIVERY (depending on shop schedule)

Foundation Drawings for approval ____2___ weeks after order is issued.

Materials delivered to job site ___6-10____ weeks from order date.

BOLDESIGNS’ installation can be completed within 3 weeks at job site, however, foundation contractor, local electrical contractor, or other related contractors, may alter this schedule.