We don’t suggest for most lumber producers get comfortable learning how to buy and sell used kilns or think it’s simple to do in general. However, If you have an old kiln that is no longer used, you might want to sell it in order to make some money to build a bigger or better one. Typically a lumber kiln is sold or removed due to it being a DIY-built solution or it’s too small as your business grows.

There are also many different places where you can sell the used kiln you have. But the first step is to find a buyer for your used kilns. The process to sell a used kiln can be very simple and relatively easy. But many people find it difficult to sell used kilns because they’re expensive and hard to move. Also, buying a used kiln can be complicated. You may have heard about the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That describes the key to buying a used kiln. We are assuming you know the basics of running a lumber drying kiln and how it benefits your business.

How Much is Used Kiln Worth?

The first thing you should do is figure out how much your kiln is worth. How much it is worth depends upon several factors. The first important factor is how much material are you moving and what can be re-used for your kiln location.

One way to determine how much your kiln is worth is how much wood can you dry in it? Traditional dehumidification kilns aren’t built with a teardown in mind. The biggest factor in selling and pricing a lumber kiln is how much can you promise the kiln can be moved without new material costs. If you aren’t supplying labor or shipping services to remove your wood kiln, then its probably best to price your kiln on the lower range and work will a neighboring lumber supplier on a price that works for both of you.

Generally, a used kiln should cost around 25-50% of the original price when you built it. With material costs these days, you may be able to get 75%-85% of your cost out of it. Especially if you offer skilled labor in setting it up for your buyer.

Factors to Consider When Learning How to Buy and Sell Used Kilns

When searching for a used kiln, you can either buy one online or buy one locally. The better option is to purchase a used kiln locally because you will be able to examine it and make sure that it works as you want it to. You can also talk shop when thinking about a cost effective tear-down. Here are some factors you should consider when buying a used kiln:

1. Heating Coils Condition

Before buying a used kiln, you should check the heating coils in the kiln. The heating coils are very important to the functionality of any kiln. If the heating coils are damaged or broken, then you should not buy the kiln.

To test if the heating elements are functioning correctly, you can test them by operating the kiln. However, you will need to use a thermocouple to test if the heating element is functioning properly. The thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of a heating element.

2. Check The Main Door

You have probably heard horror stories of someone losing their life from a bad accident of lumber falling through the front door. Check to see if the door has been damaged or replaced. If it has, ask about how the previous door sustained the spill. Do you need a new door or a stronger door installed in case this happens? Check out our video about our kiln automatic doors that eliminate the possibility of this tragic accident from occurring. Have a contractor inspect the kiln’s structural integrity to ensure accidents didn’t cause major harm to the kiln.

3. Heating Capacity

Before buying a used kiln, you should estimate how much the kiln will be used. Also, when looking to buy a used kiln, you should pay attention to the capacity of the kiln. The heating capacity is important for the kiln to be able to heat up your lumber evenly. It is seldom reasonable to mix species in the same kiln so your needs will be different from other wood product businesses. Sometimes a smaller kiln is more flexible for a smaller operation. Maybe purchase a second small kiln for custom orders you get infrequently.

4. Warranty for Used Kilns

The warranty for a used kiln is a very important factor to consider when buying a used kiln. The warranty will protect you from damages caused by accidents during the manufacturing of the kiln. Without a warranty, you can not recover the cost of damages caused by manufacturing defects. If the kiln has no warranty, you can negotiate with the seller to include a warranty. A seller will usually include a warranty for the kiln if the price of the kiln is very high.

5. Moving the Kiln

Before buying a kiln, you should factor out how it will be moved from the seller’s location to your location. You may have to pay for the transport cost or find a person or company to move the kiln for you. You should also factor out the cost of the transport if you are buying the kiln locally. You can also make arrangements with the seller to have the kiln moved for you. This will be a big deal, it may help to be flexible on price to get a solid plan together for the buyer or seller to help partially install or ship the kiln.

6. Controller type

The controller type is also a very important factor to consider when buying a used kiln. The most common types of controllers are 3 position switches, infinite switches, and Kiln Sitters. The controller type you will use depends on the type of heat used by the kiln.

7. Stability

The stability of a kiln varies from one manufacturer to another. The stability of a kiln can affect whether or not the kiln can be transported safely and for long distances without any damage. If the controllers are not working and moving you should bargain with the seller for a lower price. This is because you will have to pay for damages caused by the controller malfunction.

8. Missing Parts

how to buy and sell used kilns

During manufacturing, kilns are shipped to the manufacturer with missing parts. If you are looking at a used kiln and it has some missing parts, then ask the seller to include them with the kiln. Also, make sure that the missing parts can be obtained easily.

You can save a lot of money when buying a used kiln. A used kiln will cost you one-half of the price of a new kiln. When you compare the costs and benefits, it is no wonder why people are choosing to buy used kilns. Before buying a used kiln, you should make sure to research all the factors that will help you decide whether or not the used kiln is worth buying.

Learning how to buy and sell used kilns is obviously not the easiest process to dive into. We encourage you to give us a call about the specific wood species and lumber capacity if you’re shopping for used kilns. We may have a lumber kiln that is close to your price range but will outperform used kilns in total efficiency and lower operational costs.

Invest In A New Kiln

Here at Bol Design Inc., we provide more efficient kilns that remove the moisture from the wood and make it drier than the traditional Wood Kiln you’ll find for sale. Don’t stress about learning how to buy or sell used kilns. To get more information about our lumber kilns and other equipment, call us at 828-754-7001. Our office is located in Hudson, NC.